Beauty School Drive-By

What happens when a minister in her mid-forties decides to go to cosmetology school? She comes out with an inspirational story worth telling. And reading.

Beauty School Drive-By is a hilarious true story of reclaiming a dream deferred–and all the curveballs that come with it.

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A Novel by Ms. Chantal

“Your mother is your mother, no matter who she is, what she was, or how she treats you.”

This is how daughters have been conditioned to endure their toxic mothers. What happens when they look for mother figures in all the wrong places?

Dia Fontaine needs a change.  Her relationship with her mother is tenuous at best and getting worse as Dia gets older. Their relationship gets more toxic when Dia quits her job and has no place to live.

Dia finds her place at the Stronghold, a boarding home that is actually a training ground that transforms women of color into modern-day warriors. Dia is torn between her love for her toxic mother, her loyalty to her new family, and her sense of right and wrong.

Hard Pressed is a story for the woman who “fits” better than she “belongs”, yet she knows that she has a place and purpose in the world.

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