Beauty School Drive-By

What happens when a minister in her mid-forties decides to go to cosmetology school? She comes out with an inspirational testimony worth telling. And reading.

Beauty School Drive-By is a hilarious true story of reclaiming a dream deferred–and all the curveballs that come with it.

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A Novel by Ms. Chantal

What if the Dahomeyan Amazons walked among us today?

Dia has hit rock bottom. Jobless, penniless, and virtually homeless, she finds refuge in a women’s social group that is actually an Afro-supremacist organization. Throughout her transformation, Dia is torn between her toxic mother, her new family, and her own moral compass. How far will Dia go to belong?

Hard Pressed is a story of a lost, broken girl who found herself when she blossomed into a warrior.

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