About Ms. Chantal

Ms. Chantal was born Chantal LaTrèviette McKelton, the first daughter of her mother, in Philadelphia, PA. From the beginning, she maintained a love of all things artistic: music, dance, drama, and languages. Her main passion is and always has been to captivate people with her written word. She has exercised this gift since the age of nine. Eventually, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English (with a specialization in Creative Writing) from Temple University.

In 2005, Ms. Chantal dedicated her life to the ministry of creative arts, liturgical dance, and prophetic mime. She serves as the Artistic Director of Breath of Life Worship Ministries, a dance/outreach entity spearheaded by her GodSister, Jenise.

Ms. Chantal creates fiction and nonfiction targeted for contemporary women of color, but her stories can be enjoyed beyond that audience.

The political climate in America since 2016 compelled Ms. Chantal to express herself in a different way, bringing out her inner activist. She advocates most for children, the underprivileged, and the Black American Community.

Ultimately, Ms. Chantal loves to create alternate realities and to bring others into her world. She has experienced many life stages between good and bad, black and white, sublime and ridiculous. True to herself in every incarnation, she has always been “Ms. Chantal”.

What Ms. Chantal Does (when she is NOT writing):
  • Listening to her favorite music (gospel, oldies, and Motown)
  • Crafting/Making/Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting
  • Styling Natural hair and doing nails
  • Reading

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