Be Careful Who You Pick A Fight With…

I just pissed off another atheist. My comments on that pin that I wrote about in my post, “Where is God When People Suffer?” were meant to clap back at atheist rhetoric, but I did not expect the personal attacks that it has incited. Let me refresh your memory: “I love how atheists and otherContinue reading “Be Careful Who You Pick A Fight With…”

“Where is God When People Suffer?”

Yesterday, I found this on my Pinterest feed: Wow. Why did You let me see that, Father? The gist of the comment section was “if there is a God, then why war, greed, violence, etc.?” As a believer, this is one of the easiest questions for me to answer–and the hardest one for non-believers toContinue reading ““Where is God When People Suffer?””

I Don’t Trust White Christians Anymore!

I never thought that I would have to write a piece like this. Even back in college, when my Christianity was attacked on all sides, I held firm to my faith without lashing out to defend myself. This is a new day in these yet-to-be-United States. Lines are being drawn. And redrawn. I feel theContinue reading “I Don’t Trust White Christians Anymore!”