Kwanzaa 2021: Day 5

Habari Gani? Nia! When were we great? We were great when we cared about each other’s success. When we had Aunties and Uncles who were not related by blood helped us to raise our children. We were great when we sought knowledge and excellence instead of fame and fortune by any means necessary. We wereContinue reading “Kwanzaa 2021: Day 5”

Kwanzaa 2021: Day 4

Habari Gani? Ujamaa! Can we stop with the beauty salons and the soul-food diners and the little tchotchke places where you can buy candy, socks, and water ice? Every billionaire in this country gets rich with our money. Everyone but US gets rich with our money. Why are we buying purses and shoes when ourContinue reading “Kwanzaa 2021: Day 4”