The Cassonade Fund

As I have said before, traditional publishing has changed, excluding the “talented nobodies”, AKA gifted/skilled/educated writers who are not already famous. I have been writing for over 30 years, trying unsuccessfully to get published through traditional means. The few times that I did get published (under pseudonyms that you’d better not ask about) I hadContinue reading “The Cassonade Fund”

America Does NOT Care About Children!

Children are not safe here, and no one wants to acknowledge it, much less admit it. In the wake of another Labor Day, I send much love and recognition to workers and unions across the nation. I wish that that was all that was on my mind today. Last week, when Philadelphia’s children were supposedContinue reading “America Does NOT Care About Children!”

I am HERE for THESE!

I have been jumping out of my skin with excitement ever since I saw two movie trailers this week. They might actually get me to go back to the theatre, and for pretty much the same reason. First, The Woman King, starring Viola Davis. The subject matter deals with the women warriors of Dahomey. InContinue reading “I am HERE for THESE!”

Mo’Nique vs. DL Hughley: Pick a Side

I’m going to say my piece, and then I’m going to let it go. Fair warning: I may forget that I have an English degree and slip into my version of Ebonics. If you’ve been paying attention, these two comedians are beefing right now. That’s not really accurate. Mo’Nique fired a shot heard ’round theContinue reading “Mo’Nique vs. DL Hughley: Pick a Side”

How Do I Feel About Kevin Samuels’ Death?

Kevin Samuels died last week. In case you have no idea who that is, KS was a self-proclaimed dating/relationship expert who made a practice of demeaning Black women. I will not say what I thought he was, because I was taught not to speak ill of the dead. I will say that I have seenContinue reading “How Do I Feel About Kevin Samuels’ Death?”

Yeah, I’m Going to Say Something, Too…

I may as well, since it seems to be the ONLY thing that people can talk about right now. I tried doing it on Facebook, but defending myself against a random knucklehead landed me in Facebook Jail for “bullying” the guy that harassed me, and I’m not going back there. The Oscars. Great and mightyContinue reading “Yeah, I’m Going to Say Something, Too…”