Two Cents From The Activist In Me

I may sound unsympathetic. Believe me, I am not. I mourn all loss of life during the present administration. As long as 45 is in office, there will be casualties of his campaign to throw us all back to the darkest periods in American history. The terrorist attack in Charlottesville was inevitable. When hate groupsContinue reading “Two Cents From The Activist In Me”

“You Don’t Miss Your Water….

…till your well runs dry.” My mother used to say that a lot, usually about a relationship that just ended.  I would say it whenever someone cut me loose without realizing how good to them I’ve really been.  Today, I’m saying it after a very frustrating weekend, trying in vain to boot up my trustyContinue reading ““You Don’t Miss Your Water….”

Wonder Woman: For Me, It’s Personal

Just saw the long-awaited, much-hyped movie, “Wonder Woman”.  This is not a review per se.  It’s more personal than that.  Let me tell you why. For one, I’ve been waiting a lo-o-o-ong time for this movie, like about 25 years long.  Ever since that bygone era of my Star-Trek convention days (I’m a reformed Trekker–let’sContinue reading “Wonder Woman: For Me, It’s Personal”