The Cassonade Fund

As I have said before, traditional publishing has changed, excluding the “talented nobodies”, AKA gifted/skilled/educated writers who are not already famous.

I have been writing for over 30 years, trying unsuccessfully to get published through traditional means. The few times that I did get published (under pseudonyms that you’d better not ask about) I had to sacrifice my creative control just to see what was left of my work in print.

Never again.

Self-publishing is my only option, which is a greater challenge for someone with limited savings, physical disabilities, and low income. That’s me. I am that someone.

I published Beauty School Drive-By on Amazon Kindle in 2020. Printing and formatting was free, but it took every penny that I had left for advertising and marketing, and it was still not enough to maintain on a regular basis. Advertising on Amazon is designed for the uber-rich and, as I have stated, that is not me.

I will be taking my second book, Hard Pressed, to Ingram Spark for better distribution options. This book took me 30 years to research and write, before Black Panther and The Woman King put the subject matter into mainstream. This novel (and the others inside me) needs to be published and read by as many people as possible. That is my mission.

The cost of advertising my work and maintaining this mandatory author website is challenging, but it is worth it. I need support to keep the mission moving forward.

That is why I set up The Cassonade Fund on PayPal and WordPress to garner that support. I have invested decades of my life into being an author. I have come too far in my journey to quit because I was too proud to ask for help.

I am asking. Please follow the links and help.

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