We Are Not *Them*!

I’m doing it again.

I am taking a post on my Facebook feed to my blog, mainly because I’m not willing to risk going back to FB Jail for what I am about to say.

I’ve already gotten into it with one of the commenters who tried to take an opposing view of my comments. I don’t mind opposition if the person knows what the heck they’re talking about, but please don’t try me with a stupid counter-argument. I implore you.

Look at this poor, unfortunate soul, by the name of Ania Houston.

Before the stylist in me goes off on this outfit–and I intend to!–I need to start with her moronic choice to post pictures of herself with firearms. Weaponry. Guns.

Why? Whose dumb idea was this? What grown person approved it?

I know that I’m old, but what do guns have to do with a prom picture, which is what this is supposed to be? I would ask what kind of message she was trying to send, but she made that clear in the captions, which make me weep once again for American Education.

Now, the argument that I was part of did not start with the outfit, the guns, or even the knucklehead standing on a dress that had to cost time and money to make. The post was an update on the girl’s status, followed by some very alarming comments.

Apparently, Miss Ania has been expelled from school because of this picture, and her college scholarship has been rescinded. There are people online who actually think that that should not have happened, that the punishment somehow did not fit the crime, and that if she were White, the picture would not have been that serious an issue.

I could not take any more after that, and I’m about to tell you why.

Do not come for me with that BS.

Miss Ania is at the age where the choices that she makes are costly, which is why she needed to rethink that whole plan. The fact that she had a scholarship means that she has a fully-functioning brain in her head and knows how to use it for good. This (right) is how the world and your future college needs to see you, not in a hog-body, Love and Hip-Hop knockoff gown with an assault rifle and your brother’s boot-prints on it. Miss Ania is a very pretty young lady, but nothing in that picture flattered her.

Hear me on this: if every white girl at every prom in America did the same thing, that does not give any Black student permission to be equally stupid. White supremacy is their system, the rules that they play by and get away with. We do not have their luxury of stupid choices without consequence.

Those are not our rules. We are not them. We were never supposed to be. Their stupidity is no justification for ours.

Were the consequences fair? I believe so. Miss Ania’s mind and actions were not where they should have been. For the rest of us, that lesson comes with a price, and she must pay it now. It is a hard lesson to learn in one’s teens, but the best lessons are learned the hard way.

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