Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #9:

“Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.”

(Yes, I am a mid-level Trekker–let’s leave it at that.)

I have come to realize how important this adage really is, especially when trying to promote my work. I also realize why a traditional publisher would not be interested in Beauty School Drive-By: it is proving to be a very difficult book to find a place for, much less market.

A few days ago, another one of my former teachers from Empire told me how much she loved my book and that her students were interested in it as well. Then she told me that she and the Director talked about the possibility of making the book available at the school.

Needless to say, I contacted Madam Director as soon as I could to try to broker some kind of deal. I may not be as mobile as I would like, but I am willing to show up at a place that wants me and to hawk some books.

A one-stop book tour. I am here for that.

This opportunity has me thinking about where this book really fits. I am marketing it as humor, because everyone who reads it uses the word “hilarious” to describe it. I picture my audience as predominantly female, Black American, and over 30.

I guess I’ll see where else it fits.

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