Too Good To Be Judged Fairly???

Let me see if I’ve got this straight:

Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast of all time, with SIX gymnastic moves named after her, has to withdraw from the Olympics because the judges refuse to award her the points that she earned, to soothe the fragile egos of her competitors (and really the Caucasian Contagion).

She is too good to be judged fairly?

Picture the look on my face. Hear the word in my head that God will not allow me to put in print.

I congratulate Simone–and Naomi Osaka–for doing the braver thing of stepping back from that seedy level of racism, for not allowing it to overtake them or change their way of competing. Neither of these young ladies have anything further to prove this year. Sure, they can come back later and compete, if they choose. Now that they realize how this world really works, I hope that this experience will make them stronger.

What galls me is that this was Simone’s only way to get peace. I haven’t read about anyone advocating to the bigwigs on her behalf. I haven’t read about anyone protesting this travesty. I had no idea that the Olympics was the God of Sports–not to be questioned or challenged. I am learning this today.

Having said this, I hope that Team USA gets exactly what they deserve, as well as the Olympic Committee. Shame on all of you.

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