Whoever used the phrase “it’s all cake” to mean that something is easy to do has NEVER done what I had to do last week.

Jenise is the baker in our household. I cook, she bakes, I decorate. Last Thursday, Jenise took on the assignment of baking her goddaughter’s graduation cake for some outdoor shindig that Saturday. I already knew that I would be tasked to decorate it, because that is my job.

Simple? Of course not.

This is the picture that Goddaughter’s Mom gave Jenise. Of course, Jenise had no clue how to make a cake that remotely resembled this…but she wasn’t about to tell THEM that.

It also didn’t help matters that Jenise is in school (for her second Master’s degree!), and she had a paper due on Sunday. Not wanting to let her goddaughter down–because she really is a sweet young lady–Jenise gets the idea to outsource…

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