I Said It…And It Came To Pass!

It does not happen as often as I would like, but when it does, I acknowledge it. Sharon Osbourne is off The Talk, and it could not have happened to a more deserving person.

“Let’s keep up the backlash. Backlash makes Sharon a liability, and liabilities get fired. “

Ms. Chantal, “Sharon vs. Sheryl: a Rude Awakening”

I concluded my last post with “Backlash gets people fired”. We kept up with the backlash, and once it came to light that Sharon’s treatment of co-workers who aren’t exactly like her was not an isolated incident, that she had YEARS of being racist, hurtful, condescending, and just plain nasty to people, she became a liability to the show.

For eleven years, Sharon had been allowed to be that privileged old crone, because it was said and done off-camera. Instead of correcting her at the time, people just left the show. That in itself is telling: if there is a revolving door of hosts on your show, you might want to look at the one who’s still there as the reason why. The producers could not blow it off anymore, because the world saw Sharon’s true face…and we viewers do not blow racism off that easily.

Good riddance to bad trash. I said that in the Comments section of Page Six’s announcement of Sharon’s leaving. Some people got heated by that. I do not care, and this is why. Sharon is trash to me because she still is not sorry for what she did. She blamed her co-hosts. She blamed executives for “setting her up”. In her interview with Kevin Frazier, she just made a bunch of piss-poor excuses: “I was so angry!”.

So what, Karen? The world has to put up with your venom and vinegar, just because you’re angry? Black people get angry on the job every day, but we don’t let it get in the way of the check. Because checks are harder to come by for us.

Which brings me to my conclusion…the golden parachute. I had to explain this to someone in the Comments section of someone else’s post (wondering why they couldn’t just Google it for themselves). Do not feel sorry for Sharon Osbourne. She went in to her last meeting with “executives” with a team of attorneys. Like Bill O’Reilly and thousands of white potentates before her, she will be paid one humdinger of a severance package to leave the show. That is how they do each other. When *we* get fired, we get stripped of our dignity, walked out by security officers, and may or may not get our last paycheck.

That is how good it is to be white in America.

We are not stupid, America. And people like Sharon will have to deal with the very real consequences of treating us like we are.

This, too, will come to pass.

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