I thought that it would be easy, because no one ever told me the details involved.

I thought that I could just upload my manuscript, design a cover, and keep it moving.

Editing and proofreading was not the problem. I have an English degree. Cake.

NO ONE told me that there was a step called formatting, where you have to prepare the manuscript in book form. It involves setting mirror margins, keeping the gutter free, and lining up the text so that it does not look crazy.

The process of learning and inputting the proper format for BSDB has turned my brain to overcooked grits.

I am a word geek, not a numbers geek.

Navigating KindleCreate–which was supposed to do the job for me–was a challenge.

In the past three months, I have read and proofread and corrected on such an anal level that I do not ever want to see this book again. At least till after it is released.

The upside is that I am learning what I need to learn to self-publish. There must be a rule somewhere that all my lessons must be hard ones.

All right. Bring it on.

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