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Many of you know that seven years ago, I enrolled in Cosmetology School. A lot of mind-blowing things happened between then and now.

I am still here, still licensed, and still using my skill set. I love art and beauty. I love hair and nails. More than everything else I do, I love writing. I have been writing since I was nine years old, and that has been my zone ever since.

During that time, I kept a journal that I have turned into a book. I am now publishing that book on Amazon, because I believe that my story is worth sharing. It will be released in June, but you can pre-order it TODAY. You do NOT have to be in the beauty industry to relate to it…just be able to appreciate life’s lessons.

This is my first non-fiction piece. I will count it as my first published work, even though I prefer writing fiction.

Pre-order “Beauty School Drive-By” here:


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