Now, I Know.

I used to wonder about the commonality of my favorite Poets also being Activists: Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni. I knew that it was no coincidence, yet I could not grasp the reason for the commonality.

Now, I know.

Yesterday’s Senate decision to acquit the Orange Swine of inciting insurrection has shot down people’s trust in U.S. democracy. Why so surprised? White (supremacist) America polices itself differently than it does the rest of us, meaning not at all.

Donald Trump and monsters like him will continue to skate like Teflon until We the People hold him accountable, or God Himself. Until then, the voices of the people matter to keep us strong, hopeful, and focused on real justice.

Amanda Gorman fills me with strength, hope, and focus on the right thing. At 22 years old, this Poet Laureate carries the torch lit by Audre, and Maya, and Nikki. We need more voices like hers to usher in the new era that White (supremacist) America is still trying so hard to abort.

We need more voices like hers to send the message. We are not done fighting for justice. Equal justice. And God is on OUR side.

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