I Cook–and Now, I BAKE!

I got out of watching the SuperBowl this year because Jenise is trying to get a paper done.

(Other than this Weeknd guy at Halftime, I don’t think I’m missing much)

Instead, I did two things that I have never done before:

I baked from scratch.

I did it on video.

It’s all in there. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “I Cook–and Now, I BAKE!

  1. Nice cooking video. That gingerbread looks delicious. You also have some good editing skills with the footage and titles in different frames. It did technically end around the 8 minute mark and there was a blank screen and music playing afterwards, but the actual content was great. I’m doing my best to step my cooking game. Today, I made fried rice with eggs, avocado slices and seasoned with Khoisan salt for dinner. Shoot, maybe I should try making a cooking video in the future to expand my videography skills.

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