MLK Day 2021

By no coincidence, the January 6 Riot–and the present blowback–reminds me of Dr. King’s words about America’s inherent hypocrisy.

The Capitol Riot came as no surprise to me, because this is what White racists in this country do when they lose to those of us who are neither White nor racist. They pitch a fit and commit violent acts…while calling US “animals” and “savages”.

For the record, I will not be surprised by anything that they do for the next four years. It is their nature to respond like children whose toys and privileges have been taken away.

What does surprise me is how blatantly incompetent White America is when it comes to policing itself. They’re not even trying to cover it up, anymore. White people in power do NOT want to hold other White people accountable for their actions, no matter how atrocious those actions are.

Can you believe that there is a debate still in progress about whether or not to immediately remove Trump from office? It won’t matter by Wednesday, but why was there no unanimous verdict handed down to de-fang Trump, who openly incited sedition? Republicans are actually trying to “make it all go away”, so that the country can “move on”.

Why are they trying so hard not to punish a perfectly punishable White man? Or all the perfectly punishable White people who stormed the Capitol?

Because they don’t really want to. Even with the entire world watching America’s self-destruction, they do not want to hold their own accountable. Black and Brown Americans get shot for sleeping in our own beds, but White terrorists get served organic meals in prison.

Let me tell you something…if Trump is not arrested, imprisoned, and convicted of the crimes that he has unapologetically committed against the USA, there will be NO “moving on”. We will not allow the blowback of the last four years to simply “go away”.

America will have a much bigger problem on its hands than a bunch of beer-bellied day players.

Happy MLK Day.

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  1. Great points and I liked the contrasts of how people in America are treated. MLK wanted racial harmony, yet was assassinated, but these Y’all Qaeda idiots who assaulted, killed, broke into the Capitol, and threatened to murder politicians got treated better than him.

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