“Insurrection”, Trumpian Style!

Yes, I’m going to say it.

Social media is red-hot with people saying it, so I’m going to say it.

After watching tens of thousands of Caucasians follow their Piggy Pied Piper over a cliff, I have to make the obvious comparison.

If this had been a throng of darker-skinned Americans, there would not have been pictures of civilians swinging weapons on police officers and lambasting them with profanity and Trumpian rhetoric.

This “insurrection”, this “attempted coup”, would have instead been a BLOODBATH. And the entire world knows it.

Where were the rubber bullets? The hoses? The dogs? The clubs? The tasers? What took them so long to find the tear gas? Were they looking for the special Caucasian formula that has zero effect on protestors?

You can call it an “insurrection” if you like, but I will call it what it is…an open show of America’s hypocrisy.

After what the world has seen of the Divided States of Bizarroworld today, don’t you DARE try to tell me that racism no longer exists!

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