Kwanzaa 2020/21 – Day 7

Habari Gani? Imani!

What do you believe in that is bigger than you?

I believe in God. I believe in community. I believe in righteous principles and accountability, which no society can sustain itself without.

I believe that the same God that has kept me in the jacked-up, whacked-out year of 2020 will bring me to my next level in 2021.

Faith without works is dead. I am still willing and able to do the work necessary to attain that level. But I cannot do anything without Him.

Our feast this year was simple, but I wanted it to have a more cultural significance.

In keeping with Black American tradition, our first dinner of the New Year consisted of bean soup (containing black-eyed peas!) for favor, and collard greens for fortune. I don’t do “luck”.

I also made my first attempt at Cameroonian fish rolls. They tasted great, but I need to work on forming the rolls. I don’t think that they were supposed to look like burritos.

Happy New Year!

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