Kwanzaa 2020 – Day 4

Habari Gani? Ujaama!

I don’t care how many times I have already said it, because it is still true.

I am sick and tired of everyone profiting from the dollars of the Black community…except the Black community! Our finances power every institution from the Beauty industry to politics, yet our own community always teeters on the brink of survival, because we do not support our own at the same level.

I do my part to support Black sellers, and the smaller the better. In fact, I have made it a tradition to replenish my Kwanzaa candles every year from a seller on Etsy, as opposed to just buying them in bulk on Amazon.

In 2021, I would like to form bonds with other small businesses, building relationships where we can be as tight-knit and self-sustaining as the Asian community. Black lives matter, yet Black dollars matter MORE.

When one of us does well, we ALL do well.

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