Kwanzaa 2020 – Day 3

Habari Gani? Ujima!

“My Sister’s problems are not just her problems.”

That has been the theme of our household since the beginning, especially this year. This summer, Jenise’s mom presented symptoms of dementia (among other things). As much as I did not want to relive the last six years of my mother’s life, witnessing her steady decline, I could not leave Jenise to go through this ordeal alone.

Because I do know what she is experiencing. And feeling.

When I was going through it with my mother, Jenise had no frame of reference by which to deal with me. And she still never left my side. I have the advantage of my battle scars.

There is something to be said about God’s timing.

Jenise and I have been “in this together” before COVID. Before “High School Musical.” Before it was a trendy thing to say or do. We have shed tears, blood, and oil together. Ujima is more than just a one-week-a-year reflection.

It is our way.

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