Spoke Too Soon….


Just got off the phone with Jenise, who was at the office.

With the new restrictions going into effect this Friday, Jenise’s office is going back to working remotely from home.

At least I got two half-days (counting this one!) of freedom. Yes, I did make the most of them. You might want to check out my YouTube and Patreon pages. Please subscribe and support!

COVID is kicking my butt, and I don’t even have it. I’m thankful for that, because too many people I know are testing positive right now. That is why Philly is locking down again; because the number of cases have spiked. I expected it, but it seems like no one else did. They’re out in the grocery stores like a blizzard is coming.

Nevertheless, if this is the price that I must pay to keep my loved ones safe, then so be it. Here we go again, Family!

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