I’ve Got My Workspace Back!

YES! Jenise went back to the office for the first time since COVID!

It’s not that I want her to risk her health and safety for my convenience. And she will only be in the office for a limited time each week, but I will still take it.

I had to sacrifice having the run of the apartment when COVID put Philadelphia in lockdown and quarantine. We are presently in the Yellow stage, but Jenise and I have been living in the Orange stage. We get meds and groceries, and Jenise makes runs for her mother, who has been in a nursing home since June.

There are many things that I have been unable to do–and say–because I didn’t have the whole place to myself. I never said anything to Jenise about it, but it has been a problem.

I have been VERY accommodating, and now I can get some stuff DONE!

Please excuse me while I get my life back….

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