Our Next (Vice-) President!

No, I did not miss the opportunity to comment about the VP Debate. I just did it via YouTube video, as it was happening. It is not a “highlight reel”. It is an hour and a half of my reactions to the long-waited death-match, and it did NOT disappoint.

I may as well go ahead and say what I’m thinking: Senator Kamala Harris has all the chops that it takes to be our Vice-President…and President, if circumstances require that from her.

Having watched Hillary in all three Presidential debates in 2016, I can make the comparison fairly. Kamala is just as qualified and just as knowledgeable on the issues. What sets Kamala apart is that Kamala has the boldness to look the White Male Hegemony in the face and say, “You will not do that to me”.

Kamala is the fearless woman that America needs to lead us back to the future right now, whether or not America wants to admit it.


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