Happy Birthday to Me!

I managed to reach my 51st birthday in this bizarre year of 2020 and to celebrate it the way I wanted to.

Staying home for my birthday was not that big a challenge. I’ll save the nutty stuff for my bucket list, when this COVID pestilence is over for real. This year, I just wanted to be safe, comfortable, and in a loving environment. I also did not want to spend any time whatsoever wearing a mask.

I spent hours practicing my makeup skills. I’m already licensed, but better late than never. I still think I look like a drag queen, but maybe I just have that kind of face. I’m still gorgeous, though.

Jenise cooked dinner and attempted her first mirror glaze cake, at my request. It was sinfully rich, but I could only handle one slice. That alone proves that I’m not the iron-bellied youngster that I used to be. I’ll have to pace myself for the leftovers.

I’m going to go play with my gifts, now.

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