Two Seconds on “Entanglement”

I already know that this is none of my business, but since everybody’s got an opinion, you may as well hear mine.

I have always loved Will and Jada. They have consistently done it their way: their careers, their red carpet looks, their parenting style, and their marriage. Nothing about them is typical, and they have more than their share of haters who judge them for not fitting into anyone’s idea of Rich and Black.

Having said that, I could only get through about a minute’s worth of the Smiths’ latest episode of Red Table Talk. Jada lost me at the word “entanglement”. That’s the word that she used to describe having sex with a man who was not her lawfully wedded husband. I am old enough to remember when it was called an affair, a tryst, a fling, fornication, and just plain cheating. Jada was trying to sanitize/diminish the act by calling it an ‘entanglement’.

Negress, please!

August Alsina was not an “entanglement”. He was a side piece, an available sex toy when she was on the outs with her husband. She did to August what hundreds–dare I say thousands–of philandering husbands have done with their side pieces since Abraham rolled around with Sarah’s maid.

Young ingenues have been falling for married men’s lies since time immemorial. The biggest lie is “we’ll have a future together”. Poor August is learning the hard lesson that his female counterparts still don’t get: no matter how good the sex is, they almost never leave their spouses. If they do, then they will absolutely leave you for a newer side piece. Jada’s got this young stud so turned out that he is airing her dirty laundry on social media, whining that her husband gave them his “blessing”, making all three of them look stupid.

My Sister, step away from the Red Table and go handle your business in private.

Can we go back to our own collective business, now? Can we go back to surviving a pandemic? Can we go back to Black Lives Matter? Can we go back to demanding justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and other victims of police insanity? Can we go back to voting out the stupidest President on the planet and destroying the Party that still cosigns his BS?

Can we please stay focused?

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