SICK of This!

Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race.

I am sick to death of the white supremacist patriarchal establishment that is America.

For all of you “love it or leave it” morons, I would love nothing more than to live somewhere else–ANYWHERE else–but here, right now. Telling someone to “love it or leave it” is like telling a starving woman to “eat cake”. The system is designed to keep people like me–Black, female, educated, disabled, and over 40–as poor and dependent as possible. For seventeen years, I couldn’t even afford to die. Please do not assume that I can somehow afford to relocate. If I could, I would have done so in 2016.

Senator Warren was my bright light after Election Day 2016. When the United States descended into chaos, and became the Divided States of Bizarroworld, Senator Warren was the only one in Washington making sense–or trying to. When Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were still twiddling their thumbs and pondering their next move, Senator Warren was addressing people’s pain and confusion. When she announced her run for President, people were trying to come up with reasons not to vote for her. The term “Hillary-ed” came up a few times.

Mention of Hillary Clinton also came up when Senator Kamala Harris decided to run. All I could see on social media was negativity, criticism, and “as far as I’m concerned, she’s no better than Hillary!” Why, in the 21st Century, are we still pushing against the concept of a woman as President? From where I sit, none of the white men who have held the office have done anything that a woman could not have done better.

Joe Biden was a good Vice-President. He’s had some personal setbacks that kept us from considering him for a Presidential run in 2016. I sympathize with his situation, but he had his chance. Nothing that he has said during this election year has given me the same confidence that I had in Elizabeth Warren.

I’m still trying to figure out why Bernie Sanders is such a big deal. I’ve heard him speak. I’m not that impressed. I’m not a Millennial, so whatever he’s spraying on them has no effect on me. Whatever role he played in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s was good, but what has he done for my people lately? Maybe he should be trying to appeal to people who actually vote (because the young’uns rarely do).

The writer in me would love to see Senator Warren run with one of these white men as Vice President. She was a front-runner, and she annihilated Mayor Bloomberg before he dropped out. Biden or Sanders–whichever wins the primary–would be breathtakingly stupid not to consider her. Senator Warren scares all of the right people–rich, white men–and I will always support her.

She had the goods to go all the way. She was the most qualified candidate, with the best plan for our country. She deserved better support.

I’m beginning to think that women in this country really don’t want to be equal (or better) to men. I am absolutely disgusted by that thought.

Yet here we are again…so close, and yet so far.

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