Oh, February!

The Holiday extensions are out, and January’s mess has been washed out with them.

I wish that I could say that February is looking better. So far, not so.

Up front, February has never been good enough for me to look forward to. Blizzards kick in, I always get sick, and Valentine’s Day always reminds me that I am NOT a Typical Female. At this point in my life, no biggie. This February, I’m also dealing with losing my Mom the way I did, and the everyday nonsense that comes with being an adult in America.

Help me understand why people with jobs in customer service are allowed to make ridiculous mistakes and still keep said jobs. Yesterday, Amazon marked my package “delivered”, having me search every building in my apartment complex (hobbling on a cane!), dealing with managers who tell me “it’s not my job to look for packages!”, only to find out that the package was scanned incorrectly, and never really delivered. Why doesn’t anyone get fired for that? I would have gotten fired, written up, told off, and tarred and feathered. These people get to continue getting paid to be incompetent.

Incompetence makes me very angry. I could NEVER–not even now!–get away with doing a less than perfect job.

I am writing this blog from my old dinosaur laptop because my replacement laptop–ordered in January!–is delayed, because it is being built in China, the same country that is currently experiencing a Coronavirus outbreak. I don’t believe in coincidence. Thank God for my dinosaur laptop.

I may be bald in March.

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