Kwanzaa 2019 – Day 6

Habari Gani? Kuumba!

Tonight, Jenise and I will be ministering at a friend’s church for Watch Night service. It will be the first Watch Night service in which we have an hour to worship in the style that we are into. Our signature style incorporates dance and artistry into every facet of the program, from the invocation to the benediction. It takes the “churchiness” out of the service and breathes something new–and just as holy–into the congregation.

I have concerns.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been given permission to do something, only because that person expects you to fail at it? That’s what I’m feeling in my spirit…that this male pastor, whom we know takes issue with our female-led ministry, doesn’t expect much to come from our being in the building.


We are representing the God that loves ALL of His children, and we intend to be prayed up, Holy-Ghost filled and led, and expecting God to be with us.

That is all that we can do. Ase!

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