Kwanzaa 2019 – Day 5

Habari Gani? Nia!

I still believe in community. Yes, I said it.

I believe that the strength of our people is, was, and always will be our ability to stick together. If it were not so, then there wouldn’t be such an overt effort to keep us separated. Divide and conquer. It was Caesar’s strategy for his enemies, and it is White Supremacy’s most effective trump card (pun intended).

Division keeps us weak. Think of all the stupid little issues that keep us fighting with each other. Light skin vs. Dark skin. Relaxed hair vs. Natural hair. Bougie vs. Ratchet. Petty jealousies reminiscent of the plantation mentality that kept slaves like crabs in a bucket for generations. When are we all going to learn to love, appreciate, and want the best for each other?

When we come together, the world pays attention. The Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. The March on Washington in 1963. The Million Man Marches. The Million Woman Marches. The premiere of “Black Panther”. Imagine what would happen if we came together at the polls the way we came together for a movie.

Let’s be great together, for a change. Let’s do away with the “Real Housewives” mentality of cutting each other up and go back to building each other up. Let’s go back to helping our own, building our own, and thriving on our own.

Let’s have purpose.

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