Kwanzaa 2019 – Day 3

Habari Gani? Ujima!

I think about the work that I put in every year with my SisterFriend Jenise. God has given her a Dance/Outreach Ministry. She is the Director. I am Staff. Whatever she needs to make the ministry move forward (short of money!), I provide. Her success is our success. Her challenges are our challenges. We will be entering Year 15 of this wild ride together. Jenise spends all day every day making other people’s lives easier, but there was no one that was willing to do that for her–until I came along.

We just finished distributing gift bags and baskets for EVERYBODY on her job. Sixty-two bags and thirteen baskets…all made by ME. I volunteered to do this for her, because she cannot do it by herself. It almost broke my back this year, but the smile is genuine. I love helping my Sister.

I’ll just leave this right here. Happy Kwanzaa!

4 thoughts on “Kwanzaa 2019 – Day 3

  1. ASE! Ujima ! That’s awesome to think you Volunteered to do that for her (meaning NO PAY) You mam are like my favorite My little Pony: A rarity! Those baskets look beautiful I’m sure she appreciates you more than you even know.

  2. ASE ! Happy Kwaanzaa UJIMA! Keep up the beautiful work those baskets look back breaking but Awesome! I’m sure your sister friend appreciates you more than you even know.

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