Kwanzaa 2019

I was a day late last year with my Kwanzaa celebration, just like now. Demerits for me.

This year, I have my handmade kinara and kikombe (candle holder and unity cup). Don’t judge me for my basic display; the candle-lighting is the most important part of Kwanzaa, and I’m taking baby steps.

After I set up the display, Jenise came into my room and asked me why I didn’t include her in this project. I had to be honest with her; I considered this more of a personal journey, and I wanted to respect her sensitivities. I’m not the type of roommate that says, “We’re going to start doing this, whether you like it or not!”.

Now that she’s expressed interest, however, I’m loving that this is really a household journey. We talked about the Seven Principles, the Lighting of the Candles, the Unity Cup, and the Feast (where I might take a stab at making a Cameroonian dish!). She seems receptive. I think that this might be fun!

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