ROCKED the Vote!

Last night, Jenise and I voted. I prefer to get it done early, but Jenise made me wait for her to get home from work. It turned out to be a good thing, because it gave me time to get other people’s feedback on the new voting machines.

The hype about the new voting machines scared me. At first, I thought that it was “someone’s” way of further confusing the process. They actually turned out to be not so bad. Touch-screen. Slip of paper shooting in, up, and down. Press “Vote”. Done.

Today is a good day for “we the people”. If you didn’t vote, I don’t care about your reasons/excuses. Just don’t talk to me. I don’t want to hear it. If you don’t want to be part of the process, then I’m not interested in your existence. Plain and simple.

Let me be clear on my political position. I believe that BOTH parties should go. Black Americans have not benefitted nearly as much as they should have in this country because racist political agendas have gotten in the way. Politicians don’t think about our community until election season rolls around. To them, Black lives still don’t matter, but our votes absolutely do. That’s why voter suppression has reared its ugly head again. If they can keep us away from the polls, then both parties get away with their shenanigans and corruption.

Yes, both parties need to go. But Repugnantcans need to go first.

Last night was a good night to be on the right side.

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