Heritage–Part 2

Earlier this week, I (finally!) received the results of my second DNA submission. The second test verified the best parts of the first.

Thank you, African Ancestry! After 40+ years of nonsense, I don’t have to rely on anyone I’m related to to give me my roots. I can jump right over the stone wall of drama and stupidity to get my questions answered. Where do I come from? Who are my people?

For the record, this particular test only covers my mother’s bloodline. After an unsuccessful attempt to reconnect with my assigned sperm donor, I’m no longer interested in knowing my patriarchal heritage. I’ve lived 50 years without knowing that half of me. I’m good with leaving it completely alone.

There it is. Confirmed by the first test, my roots begin in Cameroon: “Africa in Miniature”. Birthplace of Bebe Zahara Benet. CameROON!

Yes. This looks much better and feels…indescribable. Now, my journey has a starting point.

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