Happy (?) Memorial Day

Home from the obligatory cookout. I actually hate cookouts, but one of our former youth Dance Ministers just graduated college, and we had to lift up the brother. I had a good time, but it’s good to be back home.

I would like to remember those men (and women) who gave their lives in service to our country. That is what Memorial Day is about, and I do not want to lose sight of that.

If it weren’t for them, I would have NO reason whatsoever to wave an American flag today.

America is pissing me off right now.

For the last three years, Trump and the Rethuglican Party have turned America into Bizarroworld for the sole purpose of infuriating anyone with a streak of human decency. I’m not even surprised by it anymore. What I am surprised about is that they’re doing all this with ZERO obstruction from any high-ranking Democrat official. Rethuglicans are playing the worst, most predictable game of chess that I’ve ever seen, and the Democrats are letting them win!

I don’t get any of this:

  • The 2016 Election. If everybody and their mama knows that the election was rigged by the Russians, then why hasn’t the election been nullified? Why are we in year 3 of the Trump Administration, knowing that he is intellectually unfit, a criminal, and a traitor?
  • Trump’s Cronies. If it is SO easy to trip up every member of the cabinet who sits in the chair before the BlahBlah Committee, then why aren’t any of these people in jail or at least out of office? Why do we have to hope that they resign?
  • The Mueller Report. Why didn’t any Democrat see coming that Rethuglicans would keep it from seeing the light of day? Who’s playing chess on the Democrat side of the board?
  • The Democratic Primary. Over 20 declared candidates to run for President. Really? Does any high-ranking Democrat see how discombobulated that makes us all look? You’ve had three years to weed out a champion, and all we have is a bunch of supporting actors? Can we focus, please?
  • Border Patrol. There are children in cages. They

And finally, the recent abortion ban. Now, let me be clear: abortion is a procedure that I find horrific. Do you know what I also find horrific? Governmental control of women. Regulating women’s healthcare from a place of absolute ignorance. The double standard of vilifying a woman for doing what men are encouraged (even celebrated) for doing. To me, that is beyond horrific, and I will stand with other women to defend those issues.

Playing by the rules is not working, folks. The Rethuglicans hijacked America by corrupting every rule. If we want our country back, then we need to step up our game. For the love of all that is still good, let’s do better.

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