Be Careful Who You Pick A Fight With…

I just pissed off another atheist.

My comments on that pin that I wrote about in my post, “Where is God When People Suffer?” were meant to clap back at atheist rhetoric, but I did not expect the personal attacks that it has incited. Let me refresh your memory:

“I love how atheists and other non-believers pull this out of their hats when human beings with FREE WILL do bad things. Humans have perfected war, greed, violence, etc all on their own, with no help from God. Humans have kicked God out of schools, workplaces, courts, and 90% of the media. How is it God’s fault when human-based horror happens? You don’t want to be robots, but you don’t want to take responsibility, either. You can’t have it both ways.”

I don’t think that this statement requires further explanation, but based on the heated exchange that I just finished with “Adrian”, I’m going to just put this out there.

I know how to make memes, too, and I could totally rewrite that one, applying atheist logic:

Every time I reiterated this point to “Adrian”, he would never concede this simple point. Over and over, he insisted that “God created evil! He created human beings to be evil! Everything bad about the world and humanity is all God’s fault!”

Excuse me…didn’t you just say that God doesn’t exist? So how do you get to put all the blame for human suffering on a God that you don’t believe in? You cannot have it both ways, atheists! If you want to spew hatred of God, then you acknowledge His existence. If God does not exist to you, then YOU have to take responsibility for the evil that humans do. You don’t get to boast being a free-thinker and NOT be held responsible for anything bad that you do.

I don’t have the strength to paste the conversation, so feel free to look it up on Pinterest. It was literally days’ worth of back-and-forth, round-in-circles, logic vs. non-logic. I felt like I was talking to one of the children in our dance ministry, the one who just likes firing off questions, not paying attention to my answers, and then gets upset when he doesn’t get the expected reaction out of me. I gave “Adrian” more than one opportunity to end this on an agree-to-disagree note. That’s the mature way to end a pointless discussion, right?

Not for “Adrian”. For every time he made the same hate-based accusations, I called him on his BS, which he just ignored. The final straw was when he came back at me with straight-up profanity, using the word “holy” in the process. That’s my deal-breaker. Insults and blasphemy are things that I’m used to online; I’m not that delicate. However, resorting to profanity in what is supposed to be an intelligent discussion tips your hand in my favor, allowing me to take the high ground and end the conversation immediately. Which I did.

“Adrian” has some deep-seated rage against God and a Bible that he has obviously never read. I will never know why. It’s none of my business, anyway. What I do know–from experience–is that that level of anger and bitterness does not produce anything positive. It will get in the way of him being the kind of human that this world needs right now: the kind that acts from a place of love and respect for all people, not just the ones who look and think like him.

Be careful who you pick a fight with online. “Adrian’s” objective was to rile me up and piss me off, because I’m just one of those “weak-minded Christians”. At the end of the conversation, HE was the one who got riled up and pissed off by a Black, female minister who didn’t have to quote a single scripture to do so.

To God be the glory!

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