Just Another Week in Bizarro World


I don’t curse, so I’m going to call this one humdinger of a week.

Up to now, I’ve refrained from sharing  my opinion on the Cosby issue, because it’s not the popular opinion.  Since Dr. Cosby has already been tried, convicted, and sentenced, I’m not here to argue with anyone about his guilt or innocence. But this is how I feel:

I believe that Bill Cosby is guilty of adultery, of using drugs, and of behaving badly–a lot.  However, I do NOT believe that he is guilty of rape.  There was an unprecedented effort to prosecute AND to persecute a once-respected member of the Black community.  I am disgusted that the people who have benefited most from his generosity and legacy have become a mob now willing to erase everything that the man has accomplished in his 50+ year career.

But that’s how they did Jesus.  The same people who cheered him for healing the sick and raising the dead turned around and yelled “Crucify Him!”.  That’s why I don’t judge my success by how popular I am with the mass majority.  Sometimes, a majority means that all of the fools are on the same side. 

No, Cosby is not Jesus.  I’m not THAT big a fan.  And yes, I am still a fan of who the man used to represent for me: a clean comedian and an example of fatherhood that I never had.

Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. is a Black American who used to have legendary status in his community and all over the country.  Now, he is just another Black jailbird that people are rushing a little too fast to kick when he’s down.

Does it bother anyone else how quickly “Amerikkka” turned on Dr. Cosby?  And convinced so many of his own community to do the same?  It scares me how quickly crowds turn.   That’s something that everyone who boasts about their number of “followers” should keep in mind.  Followers don’t equal respect, loyalty, or love.

I don’t do “mob mentality”, and I don’t hate whoever “Amerikkka” tells me to hate.  I have my own mind, and I do my own thinking.  I will not help the mass majority to crucify a Black man who has fallen out of favor.

And then, we have Brett Kavanaugh, the good ol’ boy interviewing for the Supreme Court. His dishonesty, disrespect of women, and guilt of attempted sexual assault are non-debatable, according to his unhinged hissyfit–pardon me, testimony–yesterday afternoon.  Yet there is still an unprecedented effort to rush this man to a seat on the highest court in the land, despite numerous allegations and nationwide protests.

The same women who cheered a Black man leaving the courthouse in handcuffs can’t seem to close the deal on a White man about to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Or a White actor who confessed to molesting children.

Or a White boy who raped an unconscious girl behind a dumpster.

Or a White racist pig who got elected President.

Despite the “hail-mary” move that delayed a deciding vote and ostensibly stalled proceedings for a week, Kavanaugh will probably get exactly what he wants.  That’s a problem for me: watching a Black man’s life and legacy get ruined while White men get to solidify their legacies for unapologetically doing the same thing–and worse.

Don’t talk to me about the power of the people until we can get together to do something right, for a change.  Talk to me when women get together to put a White man in jail.  Talk to me when 45’s presence gets erased and undone like he’s trying to do to President Obama’s.  Talk to me after the mid-term elections.

Or are you all too busy laughing at the latest Cosby memes?

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