Golden Moment.

I love Kamala Harris.

I’m glad that I get to know more about her than the hundreds of emails that pop up in my feed every day.  Thanks to these ridiculous confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, I got to see what kind of Senator–and what kind of woman–Kamala Harris is.

I’m sure that Kavanaugh thought he was prepared for the hearings.  He was clearly NOT prepared for Senator Kamala:

Come on now!

Let me give you a quick course in Black Womanism: when an intelligent Black woman asks you a question, she’s setting you up to impeach yourself.   Understand that she already knows the truth, but she wants to see if you have the integrity to give her the truthful answer.

In this case, the question, although valid, was designed to fluster Kavanaugh.  And it did.

Kavanaugh learned on the spot that there was no way to answer Senator Kamala truthfully without sounding like a complete idiot.  He wanted so badly to say “I’m not aware of any laws that give the power to make decisions about a man’s body”, but a sitting judge for 12 years should absolutely be aware that men’s bodies have NEVER been regulated or controlled by the government.

Senator Kamala Harris made me proud to be a Black woman.

Now, this fool may actually be confirmed as a Supreme Court judge, but not before Senator Kamala (and others) get to bat him back and forth like a ball of string.

You go, sister-woman!

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