Aretha, Ariana, and Some Dirty Old Men



Apparently, I can’t even recover from surgery in peace.

I tried for days to let this go.  It won’t let me go, so give me a few moments to do what I do.


Ms. Franklin….rest in Heaven.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of your voice (too over-the-top for me), but I respect your legacy.  Your fight is over.  God be with you, Queen of Soul.

I didn’t watch the whole funeral for two reasons.  One, it’s too soon for me to do funerals right now.  Two: that 10-hour production wasn’t a funeral.  It was a socio-political, A-list celebrity showcase. I mean, I appreciate fanfare as much as the next creative artist, but how many people need to “say something” or “sing something” at a single event?  I don’t have it in me to sit that long for anybody’s “service”.

Wardrobe change for the deceased? 100 pink Cadillacs? I guess if you have that kind of money, fare thee well. My poor self doesn’t see the logic of spending that kind of money when the guest of honor won’t even see it.

That’s really all that I have to say about the funeral itself, because most of the proceedings were overshadowed by actions surrounding a singer named Ariana Grande.

I don’t listen to her much, either, but she’s talented.40407521_10213226597408212_530816232178319360_n

When this picture first showed up in my Facebook feed a couple of days ago, complete with comments blasting Ms. Grande for wearing such an “inappropriate” dress to a church funeral, the church mother in me rolled my eyes and said “Oh God, here we go again!”  A couple of long-time-married old geezers are seen clearly showing more interest in Ms. Grande’s backside than in her performance.

Really, Reverend Jesse? Really, Former President Clinton, who should never be photographed looking in ANY other woman’s direction?


Oh, it got “better”.  I went right into investigation mode (remember: I’m the only one on the planet who isn’t watching this funeral).  I found out that after she sung her song, Bishop Charles H. Ellis III–who also should have known better–further disrespected Ms. Grande by feeling her up and making a stupid joke about her name.

Really, Bishop?  How many church men–MARRIED men–know better than to grab up a woman in that area who is not his wife?  I don’t care what excuse he gave for doing so, Bishop Ellis touched Ms. Grande that way for the same reason that Reverend Jackson and Former President Clinton gave her such lecherous looks.

Because to THEM, she looked free and available for their pleasure.  Free and available to be disrespected.

Is that REALLY supposed to be Ms. Grande’s fault??? I say an emphatic “Hell, no!”

I’ve been saved for 40 years.  Brought up in the church for almost 50.  Dance Ministry teacher, choreographer, and leader.  I’m qualified to have an opinion on the “modest apparel” argument because I’ve been on both sides of it.  I’ve lived long enough to distinguish the Biblical principles from the straight-up sexist BS.

Attacking Ms. Grande for “distracting” the men with her short skirt is sexist BS.  If she was a preacher or a gospel singer, I’d have something different to say, because the rules are different when you’re in ministry.  Ms. Grande wasn’t there to preach or praise; she was there to perform a secular song at a production.  She was doing what she came there to do.  If she’d stood there and sung in a string bikini, that still doesn’t give ANY man the right to disrespect her.  The length of her dress does not make her “Free Candy” .

When are men going to get that?  When are “church people” going to get that?

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