Super Bowl Weekend!



As I have stated before, I am not into sports, football, or the Philadelphia Eagles. Talking trash to me about the Eagles, or any Philly team for that matter, is pointless. I. Do. Not. Care.

My SisterFriend Jenise, on the other hand, is VERY MUCH into sports, big on football, and sporadically with the Eagles. When the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl, her first reaction was a side-eye. Her official statement is, “I’m just glad that they made it to the Super Bowl.” Then she started wearing the green.

I’m Philly-born-and-raised. I’ve observed up close that it is not easy being an Eagles fan, but those who are, they are the textbook definition of loyal. Win or lose—and usually, it’s lose—they are right in there, cheering and supporting their team. They actually had Vikings fans afraid to come to Philly

I respect that. I’ve heard a million choruses of “Fly Eagles Fly”, and if I hear one more, I might actually jump out of a window, but I believe in letting this wave ride out. If they win, praise God and pass the confetti gun. If they lose, the next day will still be Monday.


For the third year in a row, I’m in charge of the Game Day food. Wings, sliders, cheese steaks, donuts from Beiler’s (taste one, and you’ll never go back to Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme). I’ve got it covered, and then some. Not to worry, though…I will pig out in a diabetic-friendly manner.





I’m actually preparing for the day that Jenise and I host our own No-Men-Allowed Super Bowl Party. A few years back, my Pastor—Rev. Dr. Alyn E. Waller—invited only the men to the church for a Super Bowl Party. Yes, he did.

I’d really like to make him choke on that.

Until then, Jenise will have me parked beside her in front of the tv, keeping all the food to ourselves. Female Eagles fans are welcome to drop by.

See you at game time.


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  1. awww wish i could be there! even though i’d be watching the Puppy Bowl on my phone instead. lol, have fun!

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