Call It What It Is!

Every time I wake up. More allegations of sexual “misconduct”:

NFL Network employees Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, Donovan McNabb, and former executive producer Eric Weinberger.

Former Iron Chef Mario Batali (really??? I learned how to make buttermilk fried turkey wings from this man!).

First, let’s stop softening up the language with phrases like “sexual misconduct” and “inappropriate conduct”. That sounds like these men are little boys in the schoolyard. Let’s keep calling this behavior what it is—sexual harassment—which takes these men to task for creating a tense environment for their coworkers by being creepy and lecherous. I could even call it “sexual predation”, because women are being targeted, singled out, and preyed upon

I’m really trying not to apply this behavior to “every” man, but this list is getting longer by the day. I’m starting to believe that men are not capable of going to work, doing their jobs, and coming home without inflicting some level of disrespect on a woman.

Women can do it; why can’t men?

Seriously, a woman can go in to work, keep her mind on her job, admire a male coworker without demeaning him or touching his private parts, walk around her office fully clothed, and interact with other human beings on the job without using a single sexual innuendo.

Why is a man incapable of behaving with the same level of maturity and professionalism? And why do we try to normalize their predatory behavior? Even today, as citizens in Alabama decide whether to vote for Doug Jones, who prosecuted racists, or Roy Moore, a racist pedophile. It is mindblowing to me that the race is “too close to call”. How does a person intelligently consider voting for a man who unapologetically believes in owning people and victimizing children?

I. Do. Not. Get. That.

This is going to be a rough day for me. I am a woman who embraces logic. Things must make sense to me. Nothing about the past year has made sense to me, and I find that infuriating. Unfortunately, the world is going to keep moving, with or without my fury. With or without logic. With or without sense. What do enlightened people do when the world is upside-down and backwards?

I’m working on it.

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