Sick and Tired…


Been sick for a few weeks.  Adjusting to new medication.  Day after day of 45 nonsense in my media feeds.  And now this.

I promised myself that I would not use my blog to gripe about every single thing that I hate about these new Divided States.  I’ll leave that to the media…they don’t have a soul that gets weary.  I do.

I can’t let this one pass.

I can’t believe that while I was worshiping at my own church today, another sick White man with a gun went into a church and killed 25 people.  Wounded 30 more.  And don’t you dare call him a Christian.  You all should know better than that by now.

Is anyone else tired of saying the same thing over and over again?  Gun laws, yada yada. If he was Black, yada yada.  Church isn’t safe anymore, yada yada.  When did this level of violence and insanity become cliché?

I’ve definitely had my fill of everybody talking about the problem instead of doing something to solve it.  I’m just a nobody with a tiny blog, but I have a vote that a lot of career politicians want.  That is my power.  And two days from now, I’m going to use it to take back what 45 stole from me.

I want to believe that there are millions more in this country like me, who are ready to correct last year’s journey into Bizaroworld.

Who’s with me?


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