Puerto Rico and 45


My heart goes out to Puerto Rico right now.  If I had the means, I’d go to those docks full of rotting food and neglected supplies, and I would airlift them myself to where they would do the most good.  Praise God for the private citizens who do have the means and are standing up to help people who need it.

Having said that….

You cannot turn a whore into a housewife, and you cannot turn a pig into a president.

Stop acting surprised that 45 hasn’t made a single move to help a country full of brown people. The man supports white supremacy.  Did you really expect him to help Puerto Rico?

Stop telling yourselves that 45 is going to wake up like Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Day, completely one-eighty his nature, and spread sunshine and lollipops across the country.

That is not his nature.  It never will be.

We need to stop expecting the government to have a heart.  This one certainly does not.

Show this ungodly administration that we can show God’s love to each other without any help from them.

Leave this spiritually dead administration to bury themselves, and then we can change our world by ourselves.

This country is strongest when we band together.  Let’s do more of that.  Let’s help our brown brothers and sisters. Let’s keep being humans until the humans are back in charge.


Thank you.


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