Taking A Knee. Okay…


Since this NFL thing is all that people want to talk about right now, let me just throw my two cents in and go back to my life.

I don’t know Colin Kaepernick personally.  I’ve never watched him play.  I’m not even into football, except when Jenise makes me sit through the Super Bowl–I do it for the snacks.  The only thing I have against him is that he didn’t vote in last year’s election, but I hold that against a LOT of people (another time for that, maybe?). colin-kaepernick

Anyway, the first time Mr. Colin decided to protest the national anthem, I wasn’t shocked.  We’re Americans.  Protesting is what we do.  And I respected Mr. Colin for continuing his protest, despite the blowback.  But this is the second go-round of this argument, and I am gobsmacked that there are people who still have a problem with it.

For the record, I am loving Mr. Colin’s mom for that priceless Twitter comeback.  I do NOT like the b-word, but Mrs. Teresa made certain people aware that when you call a man an SOB, you’re really insulting his mother–and you need to think before doing that.


That’s a mom for you–or so I hear.

I just have a few questions, and then I’ll get out of your way.

When did it become unpatriotic to protest racial injustice in this country?  Racists of all labels ram ‘freedom of speech’ down our throats every chance they get.  Mr. Colin isn’t even saying anything; he’s just positioning HIS body differently than the people around him to make a personal statement about the country he lives in.  Why are the tiki-torch-carriers free, but Mr. Colin is not?

When did the flag and the national anthem become gods that Americans are obligated to bow down to?  You want to talk about Mr. Colin’s respect (or lack of same) for the American flag?  I was in college during the flag-burning controversy of the 90’s.  I’ve seen documentaries of klansmen and neo-nazis burning, spitting on, and grinding the American flag under their heels.  In the past few months, I’ve seen the “alt-right” saluting swastika flags and Confederate symbols on American soil.  THAT’S disrespect!  How is Mr. Colin’s taking a knee during the national anthem considered disrespectful when the actions of white nationalists are considered “free speech”?

I know that 45 has a King Complex, but now he’s channeling Nebuchadnezzar?  If the chest-thumping and cyber-bullying doesn’t work, does 45 intend to build a fiery furnace (in addition to his ridiculous wall) to punish those who don’t bow down to his god?  Heads up, 45…Nebuchadnezzar didn’t win that argument, either.

Last question….since when did a personal protest become subject to everyone else’s approval?  I don’t get when folks on social media try to write rules for whoever they don’t agree with.   “It’s not the time or place for that.”  “It’s inappropriate!” “I don’t see how doing that sends his message.” “He should find another way to say that.” “He just needs to say it in a different way”.  Idiots….you’re not supposed to like what a protester is saying:  IT’S A PROTEST!  The purpose of the protest is to upset your status quo, to ruffle your feathers, and to bother the snot out of you.  If you’re squawking more about the delivery of the message than the message itself, then the message was probably meant for you and couldn’t be delivered any other way.

Like him, love him, or hate him, leave the brother alone.  Mr. Colin has every right to do what he’s doing, exactly the way he’s doing it.  At least he’s being tasteful about it, unlike a certain comedienne who thought that holding up a bloody head would be considered funny.  Don’t even get me started with that one.

I’m going to go back to watching “Chopped Junior”, now.  Please return to your lives as well.


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