Funnel Cake Redemption (kind of)

I hate to fail.

I know that it is the natural order of being human, but I HATE to fail.

I failed my first attempt to make funnel cake. Tried again a few days later, when SisterFriend Jenise was home. Sometimes, you just need a buddy.

Watched a few YouTube videos. Should have done that to begin with.

Made the batter. Added more cinnamon. Perfection.

Heated the oil. USED A THERMOMETER.

Checked the temperature several times (almost melted the thermometer).


Batter ready for pouring. In swoops Jenise.

The teacher in me immediately gives her a crash tutorial (based on my 15 minute YouTube expertise). Jenise responds to this in a way I never saw coming: “I’ve made funnel cake before.”

I’m pretty sure that my head snapped to one side. In all the conversations that we’ve had about funnel cake, she NEVER mentioned that she’d made it before. I’m feeling like a new kind of fool.

I turned the rest of the project over to her, demoting myself to sous-chef.

Jenise fried my funnel cake. I’m the one holding the plate (and sulking).

I sprinkled the powdered sugar, but I didn’t take a picture of the finished product. Because I’m not the one who did it.

Nevertheless, we pigged out on the funnel cake. It was DIVINE.

I never expected to be humbled by something as simple as funnel cake. Live and learn.

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