Funnel Cake Fail!

I wanted to try my hand at making funnel cake. Sounds simple and fun, right?

Went through many recipes on Pinterest. Found the right one. Got my ingredients.

Made the batter. Turned out perfectly. Felt very proud.

Heated the oil. That’s where it went wrong.

I checked that the oil was hot (wooden spoon method). Didn’t know HOW hot the oil was.

Batter hit the oil. Inferno!

Kitchen a mess. Burnt my pinky.

My first funnel cake looks like overcooked chicken. Don’t believe me?


I may redeem myself in a day or two, while we still have fresh milk. Father, please don’t let me burn the house down.

2 thoughts on “Funnel Cake Fail!

  1. Hi , I too am a brown Mama who just had a total funnel cake fail.In fact my son said I “can’t call it a funnel cake” Lol. What I made was a super hard super crunchy super sweet fried spider web. So I am currently testing names for my accidental phenom. (think Brownie brittle Success.) I found your blog post because I felt a little discouraged by my fail and needed reassurance the I was the only one this had happened to. Thanks for being my funnel cake fail buddy”. Like you I too plan on trying my hand at this very soon hopefully tomorrow. Heck I plan on spending my weekend trying to get it right.! Anyway Glad i found your blog post hope you see this reply (even though its two years later). Happy Cookin’ Sister.

    1. Hi, Ms. Gloria! Yes, that was a learning experience. It didn’t help that my Sister (who didn’t tell me that she’d made funnel cake before!) watched me nearly burn the kitchen down. It’s funnier now than it was then. Maybe I’ll give it another try this weekend. Thanks for your support!

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